Wires over the Vltava: Cable cars to connect 3 neighbourhoods in Prague

2021. november 18.

A design tender is being launched for the construction of a new cable car route in the Czech capital, the Prague Public Transport Company has announced. With transport links over the Vltava, they will significantly shorten journeys and offer a beautiful view over the city. Cable cars will become part of the public transport network, making it easier for citizens to commute.


The new cable car will cover a distance of about 2.3 kilometres joining Prague 6 and Prague 8, the districts of Podbaba, Troja, and Bohnice. The two nearby districts are currently only accessible by a significant detour, about a 40-minute drive away, via the city centre. Needless to say, this is not only a waste of time for residents and visitors but also has a measurable impact on CO2 emissions.

The districts in the northern part of the city, near the bend of the Vltava river, are currently not pampered in terms of public transport connections. Podbaba and Bohnice are relatively densely populated, urban areas, while Troja, located between them, is primarily known as a recreational area. It has belonged to the capital only since 1922, with a population of barely 1,200, but it is also home to the Troja Castle, the Prague Zoo and the city's botanical garden, and its picturesque vineyards are also popular for walking.

Praha Troja


It will be part of the public transport system

Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy (but perhaps easier to stick to its acronym DPP) intends to build three stations and five support pillars, for which it has now launched a call for tenders. The stations under construction will fit into the current system of tram and bus stops, making the transfer easier.

Prague City Council approved plans for Podbaba-Troja-Bohnice cable car last August. Subsequently, the DPP conducted consultations with two cable car manufacturers (Doppelmayr and Leitner) to verify the aforementioned plans and to estimate the cost of the project. The total project budget is reported to be in excess of 2 billion Czech crowns (over EUR 79.2 million).


In a Facebook post, the DPP shared illustrations of what the cableway and cable cars could look like. The Deputy Mayor of Prague Adam Scheinherr also commented on the images, stressing that they do not illustrate how the future cable cars will truly look but rather how they will function. The official designs will be revealed in 2022 as the winners of the design contest will be selected and announced at the end of January.

Prague is trying to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions by developing public transport but also with alternative methods. Metro line D, has recently been announced, extending the current 65.5-kilometre metro route by an additional 10.5 kilometres, carrying thousands of passengers each day.

Praha DPP

Development projects also affect the bicycle infrastructure, as bicycle use has risen sharply within a short time, which the city is also trying to take advantage of. This year alone, the cycle path network will be extended by 21 kilometres, a new pedestrian bridge will be built over the Vltava River, several e-cargo bike stations will be set up, and additional bicycle storage facilities will be installed next to schools to encourage cycling.


Photos: Getty Images, DPP / Facebook